奧義智慧科技是一間台灣資安新創,專注於研發新一代人工智慧引擎。透過機器學習、深度學習、對抗式網路等複合模型演算法,協助客戶與夥伴快速導入具人工智慧的新世代自動化分析平台。2019年更進一步成立 CyCraft AI實驗室,意旨工匠精神打造 AI基石,期開創資安領域「無人自駕車」,我們的願景是以人工智慧將台灣的資安創新推向世界舞台。

CyCarrier Technology is a startup focusing on cyberinsurance, artificial intelligence, and advanced areas like car hacking. Through deep learning, situation awareness, and customized cyberinsurance, customers are equipped with an additional layer of unmanned, AI-based automation, and insurance-backed defense line. At 2019, we continued to invest R&D establishing the CyCraft AI Lab, coined from our craftsmanship in AI and future “driverless” cybersecurity operation. CyCarrier envisions shall be highly automated and can co-work with experts to boost team capability. The joint defense of human and machine keeps enterprise stay ahead in cyber war.

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